Required Documents

Please complete the biographical document for all applicants, as well as the principal applicant must show proof of the investment funds.

Professional Background:Personal career and achievement documents such as your resume, including photocopies of college diplomas and/or educational certifications, should be provided with your application. If the potential investor is involved in any other organizations, please also note this. All documentation should help to relay why the investor has amassed substantial financial means, unless the means are from inheritance. This is done by presenting the businessperson with a successful financial history and family stability.

Source of Funds: Funds for any venture must be legally sound. Possible legally acceptable sources are: financial gain due to property sale, businesses or business transactions, buying and selling of stocks, gifts and inheritances. The USCIS will review five years of tax returns and bank records, as well as evidence of business ownership, financial records for all businesses, and copies of business licenses. Your history of honest course of actions will help your appeal. If your funds came from one action, such as selling a house, inheritance or gift, you will have to provide proof of this event with a closing statement, contract, or other official document. Note that other documents may be requested based on your case.

Any provided documentation for the application should be in English and in Affidavit format.

EB-5 Investor Document Checklist

  1. All pages found in passport
  2. Naturalization certificate (if pertains)
  3. CIVIL Birth Certificate (certified)
  4. CIVIL Marriage Certificate (certified)
  5. CIVIL Divorce Decree/Annulment or Death Certificate if pertains (certified)
  6. CIVIL Divorce Decree/Annulment or Death Certificate if pertains (certified)
  7. Any certificates or awards relating to education
  8. Original Police Certificate stating existence/non-existence of any police or court records involving prosecutions
  9. CIVIL Monetary judgment from 15 years prior to-date (certified)

EB-5 Asset Verficiation Checklist

  1. Financial Statements and/or
  2. Security Account Records and/or
  3. Trust Statements and/or
  4. Property contracts with pricing statements and/or
  5. Share certificates of public investments or closely held companies with pricing certificates.
  6. Statements of Inheritance and/or
  7. Asset history statements highlighting purchases and sales and/or
  8. Income and pay records
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