15. What information and documentation are required for the EB-5 application?

Professional History: Biographical history should gathered and document for all parties involved in the application. The primary investor must show how the investment funds were earned. Any potential educational documentation, such as degrees or certificates, should also be provided.

Documentation such as licenses and marketing items concerning the applicants business or work history should be included as well. The primary applicant should provide proof of any involved in professional clubs or organizations as well. The investor should represent a successful professional worker with a stable career/business, family and financial history. All documentation which shows career advancement and achievement should be included. If the potential investor did not personally earn the capital for the investment, they should be able to prove how they inherited the funds.

Source of Investment: Investment capital must come from a legally sound source, including: money made for a property sale, stocks or bonds, business success, business buying or selling, gifts and inheritances. USCIS requires a minimum of five years of the investor's tax returns, five years of bank records and financial statements for any and all of the investor's owned businesses and/or licenses. The foreign investor should be presented to have an honest business history. If the capital for the potential investment came from a single transaction, such as a sale of property, inheritance or gift, the investor should provide evidential proof of this transaction, such as a closing statment or signed contract. Other documents could be asked for depending on the case of the investor.

It is very important to note all documents should be translated to English, not in the citizen's foreign language. All documents in English should be the signed ones to turn into USCIS.

Please contact a well-informed, licensed immigration lawyer to learn about all documentation requirement prior to applying for the EB-5 program.

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