The consular process was created for foreigners who live out of the United States and want to go through the application process with a consulate for any number of reasons. These reasons could be strategic, or it could just be out of convenience. 

A consulate post is chosen when the I-526 is filed a consulate post is chosen, which typically is the country the investor last resided in. In rare occasions, the investor can use a recognized hardship to process for lawful permanent residency.

The consulate will help the foreigner with their issued visa and any documents the immigrant may need for traveling, as well as a passport which grants them rights to enter U.S. boundaries. The consulate will only issue a temporary visa that is equivalent to what they can receive in the U.S. For example, when an EB-5 foreigner's I-526 petition is approved, the investor and family members 20 years and younger will be given conditional lawful permanent residency visas.

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